Sophomore Move In

Hello everyone! This is just a quick little post that I wanted to share with you. Yesterday I moved into my first ever apartment.

I moved in early for my sorority and got unpacked/settled pretty fast. My apartment (the top half of the picture above) is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, with a kitchen and living room. It's pretty neat because each apartment in the complex is working with a specific Springfield nonprofit over the course of the school year. My apartment-mates and I will be working with Jordan Valley Community Health Center, a healthcare facility that provides a full range of medical services to low income people in Springfield.
Here's an overview of what my year will consist of: 
    * I'll be continuing my classes for my Strategic Communication major and           Business Administration minor
    * I'm serving as the managing editor for Drury's newspaper
    * I'm volunteering as an assistant coach for Girls on the Run
    * I'm training for my first 10K in October 

This morning I set some goals for myself for the year, too:
    * Focus on what makes me happy
    * Continue working out
    * Find balance in daily routine (aka don't get overwhelmed)

I'm feeling really good about this year and I'm excited to start classes. Be sure to check back on my blog for updates as the year progresses!

Until next time,
Taylor xx

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