Running From...

Running clears my mind instantly. As soon as I lace up my shoes and head outside my overwhelming thoughts escape me as the music from my Spotify playlist beats from my headphones.
While running is a great temporary fix, eventually you have to stop running... running from your problems, your future, or even yourself. Everything catches up with you.

Last night I was overthinking and I reached out to one of my best friends. She offered me a lot of advice and openly listened to me ramble about my problems (even though she has enough going on in her own life, so thank you, friend). She gave me a lot of advice that stuck with me, but what struck me the most was when she told me that my worth is not dependent on anyone.

See that's my problem.

So many times I feel like I seek validation from other people when really I only need to seek validation from myself. 
Life is too short to continuously think you aren't good enough. 

Other people should not define your self worth. Trying to gauge what people think about you 24/7 becomes exhausting (I've also learned that no one actually hates me, it's just my mind raising the doubt and constantly needing reassurance.... it's fine...)

Running isn't bad, in fact it can be pretty great. If anything, I'm learning to enjoy the runner's high and to not let those positive feelings fade away.

Until next time,
Taylor xx

PS: To my friend mentioned above, thank you, I don't have enough words to describe how much you mean to me.

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