Live Unapologetically

As you have seen from the many Facebook posts, Instagram uploads, and tweets, I spent my last 5 days at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona for the Kappa Delta National Convention.

It was a five day experience of growing in our sisterhood, learning more about our Kappa Delta, and listening to a multitude of powerful motivational-speakers. 

I could talk forever about the greatness of the Kappa Delta National Council. I cried throughout many of the council's speeches. They are such empowering, inspiring, loving women and I can only hope that I accomplish as much as they do one day.
They are actually my everything
One of the speakers that the Kappa Delta Foundation brought to Convention was Lisa Nichols. Shocking- I cried. The most important message I took from Liza was to live unapologetically. She talked about how she hopes she goes through life falling, that she gets the scrapes and bruises. To her, the biggest testament of your strength is getting back up after you've fallen. Showing your strength by overcoming your failure is better than never taking a risk, never getting any of those bumps or bruises along the way.
I needed to hear this. Many times I overthink situations based on what "could happen" instead of just experiencing them. By limiting yourself to trying to only be successful, you in turn limit your opportunities. Life is short, too short to not do what you love. 

She also discussed how this is her year of re-choosing herself. Since she first began public speaking, she had created this persona that did represent herself 15+ years ago. However, as she reflected on who she was going into 2017 she realized that she had changed. She took a 6 week vacation in Spain to re-choose everything in her life: her clothes, her speaking engagements, how to love herself. She broke everything down into three categories. 1) I choose it [aka things she wants in her life how they are] 2) I choose it but with alterations [things that were good in the past but should be altered for who she is now] 3) Leave it, it's done [things that worked in the past but are no longer the best for her present self].

As I head into my sophomore year of college I hope I can re-choose what is most important to me so that I can become a better version of me. By clearing out the clutter in life, you allow more space for your authentic self.

I have so many more stories to share from Convention but this was definitely the one that stuck with me most. 

Until next time,
Taylor xx

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